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An Asyra Full Body Analysis Case Study


Another Successful Result with The Asyra Pro Condition Sarah came to Cosmo Care feeling quite unwell but with no idea of the cause. This condition had been ongoing for quite a while. Extreme tiredness, nausea, stomach cramps and bloating. A general feeling of being unwell Approach Before any evaluation of her condition we undertook [...]

Benefits of the Rainbow Vacuum System


Enfield family and the Rainbow Vacuum - Case Study Condition Edward, his wife and one of his two children have in recent years developed asthma/allergy issues that had started to cause discomfort and stress. With the summer months looming they were not looking forward to it! A friend recommended Cosmo Care to them and [...]

The Benfits of Nikken Products


Nikken Technologies Nikken has been a leader of the Wellness industry since 1975 helping millions of customers around the world to achieve total wellness and a balanced lifestyle.Nikken products are inspired by nature and created with the aim of bringing total wellness and balance. Our products benefit from our uniquely developed technologies; Kenko™ Sleep, [...]

Cosmo Wellness Homes Case Study


How a Wellness Home can improve your health The Amazing Benefits of a Wellness Home A Cosmo Care Wellness Home will benefit you and your family, not just today but every day! Our vision is to see every home equipped with the tools or products to ‘enhance’ your overall health, not just by treating [...]