Project Description

Nikken Technologies

Nikken has been a leader of the Wellness industry since 1975 helping millions of customers around the world to achieve total wellness and a balanced lifestyle.Nikken products are inspired by nature and created with the aim of bringing total wellness and balance. Our products benefit from our uniquely developed technologies; Kenko™ Sleep, PiMag®, and Advanced Magnetics.

We believe in bringing good health naturally, by using technology that harnesses both the Earth and body’s natural energy. Our products are designed to improve the balance and quality of life through better air, purer water and a good night’s sleep.

The unique spectrum of Nikken wellness products includes products for you and products for your home, with each offering benefits for a better quality of life. We’re dedicated to making your home a healthier and more relaxing place to be, a place to unwind after the stresses of modern day living.

Nikken technologies are based on the application of various forms of natural energy. These diverse products and technologies are integrated to operate with each other and provide an environment that actively promotes good health.

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