Project Description

Bad Foot Injury Treated with Scenar

Julie came to Cosmo Care with a lengthy foot injury received over 9 months previously. Her job was a dog walker in the Enfield area, her passion; dancing, neither very conducive to her injury.

She had tried other treatments over the 9 month period but nothing had worked. Julie was at the stage of giving up her job because of the continuous pain.

After the client consultation we realised that although the accident to the foot was very painful at the time, Julie had never actually experienced any swelling or bruising, both indications of the body ‘accepting’ the injury and the start of the healing process.

We decided to start with a series of 3 treatments fairly close together.

We treated Julie 3 times, each session no more than two days apart. Upon returning for the third session she walked into the room with a huge smile on her face. When she showed us her foot it was swollen and the bruise was clearly evident. This was 9 months after the injury!! The pain had also reduced from a 9/10 to a 2/10. One happy client.

She had two more treatments and is now back dancing and walking her dogs pain free.