Project Description

The flexibility of Cosmo Therapy

Andreas came to Cosmo Care with a reoccurring lower back complaint that restricted his lifestyle and constantly generated varying levels of pain. He had already been to other clinics with no permanent solution to his complaints.

Andreas’s back was extremely tight, the muscles has clamped up for protection. Some deep tissue massage and acupressure rapidly made an amazing difference. Between his session he was supplied with Nikken magnetic technology innersoles for his shoes and a Nikken PiMag water bottle so he could rehydrate his body with pure filtered water with a high Ph value. Optimum for good health and recovery of any condition that means that the body needs restoring.

A short series of treatments and a few weeks with the Nikken magnetic innersoles and PiMag water had made an unbelievable difference in Andreas. The dramatically reduced levels of pain had resulted in more energy and better sleep patterns.

Andreas’s case is a prime example of Cosmo Therapy and the other Cosmo services/products all working together for the clients ultimate health & wellbeing. He is now looking at the Nikken Sleep System that is lined with special magnets to not only give intense sleep but also carry on the healing process while he is asleep.