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Enfield family and the Rainbow Vacuum – Case Study

Edward, his wife and one of his two children have in recent years developed asthma/allergy issues that had started to cause discomfort and stress. With the summer months looming they were not looking forward to it! A friend recommended Cosmo Care to them and in particular the Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

They came to Cosmo Care and were asked an intensive list of questions to do with their health and lifestyle. We then tested the family using our Asyra body screening system to see what was showing for allergies etc. Amazingly detailed results can highlight existing and potential health issues, not just allergies.

We then talked about the Rainbow vacuum system that their friend had purchased and gave a detailed demonstration. While they already new the benefits from their friend, to be shown and explained the full potential of this vacuum was “mind blowing” – Edwards words, not ours.

They took advantage of the optional monthly payment plan for the Rainbow and were soon using it daily at home.

“All I can say is that Theo was right, after a week to ten days we could really start to feel a difference as well as knowing that our home was amazingly clean. I still cannot get my head round a hoover that is full of water and the water capturing ALL of the dust particles, but who cares, it works.

My wife, daughter and I are only having asthma type reactions one in a blue moon, and this is usually when we have had the windows open a lot. A quick clean again with the Rainbow puts us back on track.

We are now looking at the Nikken Air system that Cosmo Care sell to perfectly filter our home. Theo calls this his Cosmo Care Wellness Home, I call it damn brilliant. Many thanks again Theo”.

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