Dynamic and effective SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR Therapy is a quantum leap in technology over TENS, which only blocks the pain, SCENAR repairs!

Scenar Therapy is an excellent form of treatment for many problems within the body, acute or chronic, which might have failed to respond adequately to other therapy attempts. Scenar is a patented signal identical to the body’s own neurological signals.

This signal has been found to have a positive and beneficial effect on the body, restabilising balance and Homeostasis. This signal works on a cellular level enabling profound and long lasting healing to take place. It literally speaks the body’s own language.

The Scenar device uses Biofeedback to enable the body to heal itself.  The device sends out a series of constantly changing signals through the skin and measures the response.  Scenar therapy draws on conventional medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine and centres on the concept that the human body is a finely tuned functional system continually maintaining its own self balance.

The effects of Scenar Therapy in conjunction with our other Cosmo Care therapies are staggering.

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More Information on SCENAR

The Scenar device was invented by Russian scientists for use in the space programme during the 1960’s. Its development continued after the collapse of the Russian Space Programme and the fall of the Iron Curtain. Today it is used as a mainstream medical device authorised in 1986 by the Health Ministry of Russia. The inventors were awarded the prestigious Lenin Prize for their development of this device.

Since then the Scenar device has found increasing acceptance in Western Europe. Health Practitioners in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, England and Ireland are now using the device for a wide variety of health problems. In Germany alone, over a thousand GP’s have incorporated the Scenar device into their medical practice. It is also becoming increasingly popular in the USA and Australia.

A gentle therapy for excellent pain relief
Scenar Therapy is a unique and revolutionary treatment for all types of pain and injuries. Scenar works in two ways to promote rapid healing and provide pain relief, even with stubborn and chronic pain. Scenar uses advanced medical technology to send signals from the site of pain or injury directly to the brain.

As the Scenar device goes through treatment cycles, you’ll feel a tingling or prickly sensation on your skin. This feels different in each place and between different Scenar devices and treatment modes. Some Scenar signals feel simple and very focused. Others feel complex and three dimensional. Sensations may appear in totally different parts of the body. Muscles may start to contract and relax on their own. It is common for the pain to disappear in its first location, then reappear in another place, then another.

Occasionally the signal may feel too strong and the therapist will turn down the intensity. The overall feeling is of comfort and relief. People usually report an immediate reduction in pain, and often a total absence of pain in the areas treated, plus a feeling of relaxation and well being. Better sleep and moods are also common.

What’s so special about SCENAR?

  • Remarkable levels of pain reduction and functional recovery
  • Often able to break through where nothing else has
  • Non-invasive, non-toxic, free of side effects
  • Long-lasting or permanent results

Many clients have told us that as a result of Scenar Therapy, other chronic conditions have improved, for example; depression, anxiety, allergies, fatigue, hormonal disorders and digestive disorders.

Because it works!
Scenar often rivals the strongest pain killers. This includes TENS machines which just block pain until the body adapts and the pain returns. The way that Scenar works generally leads to remarkably lasting relief. With chronic conditions, if the original cause is still in place, there may be occasional flare-ups but these are usually brief and usually dealt with in just one or two treatments.

Scenar is non-manipulative, non-invasive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and can be used with people of any age. Scenar feels tingling or prickly, but (generally) soothing.

Instead of blocking or manipulating the body in a forceful, one-way process, Scenar’s signals are being constantly modified by the body’s responses. Coached to repair itself using its own resources, the body will generally choose to do so quickly and deeply.

In principle the SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) device works as a catalyst on the body’s immune system. The Scenar reads the resistance level of the skin and relays this information to the brain via the skin itself. This accelerates the body’s healing mechanism through stimulation of the neuropeptides in each damaged cell. In addition the Scenar could be used to treat individuals whose bodies do not repair themselves properly as a result of chronic illness. A classic example of this is sufferers of fibromyalgia, where Scenar may act as a regeneration and pain management tool.

Safe for 99.9% of the population
Virtually everyone’s body will respond to scenar therapy; the only question is how quickly. Overall health, quality of diet, stress levels, emotional factors, and the nature of any previous treatments will all have an effect. Part of the skill and knowledge of an experienced therapist is in spotting and offering solutions to these other factors. For clients with chronic conditions who are not in peak health, the speed of recovery will partially depend on how willing they are to make changes to support the treatments – like changes in diet or lifestyle, increasing water intake, etc.

Scenar is unusually well researched: after large clinical trials and over 30 years of use in Russia, and over 10 years here in the UK, there are no reports of negative side effects. Scenar uses the most natural and gentle of healing processes; those in your own body. Instead of blocking or manipulating the body in a forceful, one-way process, Scenar’s signals are being constantly modified by the body’s responses. Coached to repair itself using its own resources, the body will generally choose to do so quickly and deeply.

Scenar Contra-indications
The one universal exclusion is those fitted with cardiac pacemakers and other electrically-controlled implants. It is in theory safe to use in the presence of almost every other condition, but for practical reasons, we generally prefer to be cautious. We also prefer not to treat those with alcohol or drug dependencies, or with serious psychological disturbances, who require more specialist assistance.

The SCENAR device uses Biofeedback to enable the body to heal itself. The device sends out a series of constantly changing signals through the skin and measures the response. Scenar therapy draws on conventional medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine and centres on the concept that the human body is a finely tuned functional system continually maintaining its own self balance.

When this balance is disrupted due to trauma or disease, the Scenar Device can re-establish and reactivate the body’s natural self balancing capabilities. This stimulation of the body’s own adaptive systems can bring about some of the powerful changes the body may need to restore itself back to balance and Health.

Russian scientists discovered that every healthy cell in the human body emits a signal of a particular type and frequency. When a cell becomes damaged due to trauma or disease this signal changes and becomes distorted. This distortion has a direct and measurable effect on the skin protecting the damaged cell or cells and can be detected by the Scenar device. When the Scenar device is applied to the skin it emits its own patented signal that encourages and stimulates the cells to repair themselves and to return to a normal healthy signal.

The important thing to note here and what distinguishes Scenar from other electronic Biofeedback devices is that the signal being emitted is constantly changing in response to the changes it detects while in contact with the skin. This enables a dynamic dialogue to take place between the body and the Scenar device in which every signal emitted by the device is different from the preceding one. This prevents the brain and the body from adapting to the signal. There are a wide variety of Biofeedback devices on the market these days but none have this sophisticated dynamic capability. This is one of the core elements of the Scenar device and why bodily responses are so quick and powerful working as it does on a cellular level.

SCENAR Therapy is a quantum leap in technology over TENS Therapy. In conventional TENS therapy, for example, the pain subsides usually only while the TENS unit is activated.

With SCEANR Therapy, pain relief extends beyond the actual treatment, often weeks beyond. That’s because with the use of TENS devices, the body adapts itself to the electrical signal and eventually just ignores it. The net result? The pain returns. This is one of the major distinguishing factors in SCENAR Therapy.

Benefits of SCENAR
The SCENAR device sends out a signal and then waits for it to return from the body. The device then reads the returning signal and adjusts its own subsequent signal. Because of this biofeedback mechanism, each new signal differs from the previous one, thus overcoming the adaptiveness of the body to a single, continuous electrical signal as in TENS.

Scenar therapy also influences local blood flow, especially in regulating micro-circulation. That’s important in treatment of sports injuries, as blood brings the building blocks for repair and removes dead tissue and waste products. But one of the biggest factors in the effectiveness of Scenar therapy is its ability to induce the release of neuropeptides. While Scenar also induces the body to release natural opium-like painkillers called endorphins (similar to the action of TENS), it is the release of neuropeptides that enables SCENAR to quickly heal injuries of all types.

Why is that important? Neuropeptides regulate almost all life processes on the cellular level, thus linking together all body systems. They have been referred to as the body’s internal pharmacy, the key in the lock that causes the cascading, chain reaction effect, creating a holistic body response. Among other regulatory functions, neuropeptides are profoundly involved in inflammation. For athletes the best part of Scenar therapy is that it is drug-free, non-invasive, non-addictive, and has no side effects!


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100’s of very satisfied clients, let’s see what some have to Say!

I must say that since receiving SCENAR therapy, I have noticed a marked improvement not just in terms of pain relief, but also in the rate of healing. Combined with sensible nutrition, supplementation, will power and lifestyle I would recommend Cosmo Care to anybody wishing to make improvements or positive adjustments to their physical and mental wellbeing.
Andrew, Enfield, London
Since I have started treatment with Cosmo Care I feel a lot better than before, the pain is close enough to completely being relieved. I have had several treatments and every treatment has made a difference. I feel much better and now able to go back to the gym and carry on my bodybuilding. Highly recommended.
John, Tottenham
After a couple of sessions my migraines reduced from 25 days to 15 days of the month. To say I was amazed was an under statement. I had such an immediate improvement that I now only have a migraine approximately twice a month. I was diagnosed with titinus and was given by the doctor, as always, tablets which did not help. I had scenar and it has completely disappeared.
Katie, London

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