Dynamic and effective Cosmo Care Therapy.

A combination of massage, Scenar, acupressure and wellness products. Cosmo Care Therapy is your key to good health.

Every person that walks through our door will have a different condition/ ailment or pain. Therefore every client needs to be treated as a unique individual with their own treatment programme.

‘Cosmo Therapy’ is our solution; providing a mix of sports therapy massage, deep tissue massage, classic massage, acupressure, Scenar Therapy for pain relief and enhanced recovery, along with a selection of Nikken products we call Wellness Products.

This approach allows us the best and most effective course of treatment for you! Dynamic, powerful and rapid results.

We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our treatments and the friendliness of our service. Give us a try!

To help and improve our clients health and wellbeing through our services and products. Guiding and leading them to an improved quality of life.
To continue to deliver world class products and services that have a positive affect in enhancing our clients quality of life.
To inform and educate everyone about the positive effects of living in the environment of a Cosmo Care Wellness Home
We are successful because we listen, analyse, act and produce positive results.

London’s ‘Results Driven’ Health & Wellbeing Centre

We always put you, the client first, achieving dynamic results.

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More Information on Cosmo Therapy

Cosmo Therapy is about sorting out your physical issues and making you feel good again. This can be acomplished with a variety of therapies that all work together to achieve this goal. Cosmo Therapy can help you regain your physical health and improve your quality of life. The results are effective.

From classic massage, deep tissue massage, Osteopathy, Scenar Therapy and a vast range of amazing Wellness products. Explore more of what we can offer through our website or call us for more information.

Cosmo Care’s approach is proven successful. Thousand’s of clients can vouch for this. We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our treatments and the friendliness of our service. Give us a try.

Cosmo Therapy is suitable for all age groups from young children to OAP’s. The only restriction with Scenar Therapy is that it is not suitable to those fitted with a pacemaker.

Cosmo Therapy is very effective for children as we offer a great amount of advice and solutions, whether it is internally or externally.

We have a large selection of treatment and products for your health and wellbeing. Give us a call or pop in for a chat and let us explain to you how we can help you create the complete wellness home, that is you, your family and your environment.


London’s unique Health & Wellbeing Centre

  • Why are we unique? Because we deliver unique solutions
  • We are a full Health & Wellbeing Centre concentrating on you and your surroundings
  • We can treat you as well as supply ground breaking technology to enhance your wellbeing
  • We don’t just look and listen to your issues, we analyse in depth and treat every client as a unique individual. No two clients will require the same treatment plan!
  • Cosmo Care Therapy and Cosmo Care Wellness Homes. Call us now to see how we can change your life
  • 94% of our client’s come from referral, which tells us we must be doing something right!


100’s of very satisfied clients, let’s see what some have to say!

Theo thank you very much for your time the other day. I am impressed with how it found what my body was lacking and intolerant too. I have cut out some of the foods you have suggested and have noticed a slight difference already. Looking forward to seeing my progress in 5 weeks. Thank you for your time, see you soon 😉
David Kivakude, London
Thanks for today’s treatment Theo, shoulders feeling much better already and the advice and service you provided was quality. Looking forward to hitting the gym and getting back on track now… Highly Recommend for everyone needing advice and treatments..
Peter, London
I must say that since receiving SCENAR therapy, I have noticed a marked improvement not just in terms of pain relief, but also in the rate of healing. Combined with sensible nutrition, supplementation, will power and lifestyle I would recommend Cosmo Care to anybody wishing to make improvements or positive adjustments to their physical and mental wellbeing.
Andrew, Enfield, London

Other Services and Products from COSMO CARE to enhance your treatment

Cosmo Care is a full practice health & wellbeing centre offering many solutions to improve your lifestyle.

SCENAR Therapy

Our extensive experience in various therapy has led us to work with the effective SCENAR, which combines the most up-to-date electronic technology with the ancient healing art of the East, providing effective pain relief, not just a temporary fix.

Rainbow System

Meet the world’s most advanced home cleaning system, the Rainbow. It uses water to trap dirt in its water reservoir. As a result of this, the dirt and dust are fully removed from the home, making it a sensible and long-term asthma remedy.

Nikken Wellness Products

The unique spectrum of Nikken wellness products includes products for you and your home to achieve total wellness and a balanced lifestyle through our focus on our Five Pillars of Health – Healthy Mind, Body, Family, Society and Finances.

Asyra Analysis System

The Asyra system helps you explore the root causes of health problems giving you test results instantly. This leads to a dynamic interaction, and a complete consultation, helping Cosmo Care to deliver a personalised and effective health and wellness plan for you.